Royce Hamel’s website is back online!


Royce Hamel
1821 Wildberry Drive
Unit D
Glenview, Illinois 60025
Phone: 847 612 3052

Contact info above

Look out, Internet – Royce Hamel is back! Six years after her first website went down, she has another site,, that is going to tear down the walls dividing genres. She is incredibly excited to release new works, and rerelease old rewritten works as well.

Miss Hamel, who is graduating Columbia College Chicago in May, grew up in Chicago in the mid-1990s, when cartoons were getting back into their swing and music was going from rock to grunge and back again. She has been writing since she knew the power of words, and knows the new power, combined with the internet, will send the masses to her site to read tales of post-apocalyptic worlds and love stories that conquer all. She wants the entirety of the internet to take a look at the new, more polished site and read the much more polished stories!

“This is my biggest site yet!” she says. “It’s great already – and I’m thrilled to have everyone read my stuff!”

She hopes to finish her novel, tentatively entitled Melancholy Blue, by the end of next year, but on her website you can read bits and pieces, including the entire first chapter! She promises to read and respond to every comment, question, suggestion, and review on anything about the new site and her stories – especially with glitches and grammatical errors. Any comment or question is welcome, in her eyes! She is more than happy to let you in on plot devices and twists and clear up any confusion.

Visit for more details!





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